Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ode to Wassenaar

I know, I know, it's way too soon for another post. But today was pretty scenic, and I figured the end of our stay in Wassenaar was worthy of its own little entry. 
So here it is. Our biking tour of the town of Wassenaar, Holland.

 Yes, a windmill. Because we're in Holland. Long overdue for a picture, no?
Also, I think he's managing to bite his nails even while biking.

 I adore graveyards.

 I also enjoy the beach.

View of Den Haag.

 Just a lil eye candy.

 Our favorite horse, Bjorn. And Derek's final ride.

"Do something regal"

And look at my big man, doing all kinds of manly horse things! Pulling on reins and whatnot.

Today was the perfect way to end our stay here. Have I said that already? Because I didn't mean it until now. 
Man, I'm so lighthearted when I write this thing.

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  1. Great, great photos! So glad to finally see a Dutch windmill! :-) Love the elephant photo... definitely a classic!