Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Loonies and Toonies

To start off with.. I could not resist capturing just a moment or two of the hilarious hours long performance a la Derek Sr, who was introduced to the joys of the almighty iPod, on an afternoon involving some heavy medicating. Priceless. I thought it was pretty cute too that my Derek chimed in from the shower about halfway through. Little father and son sing-a-long time.

First dream lantern. Last night in Medford. Great way to end our stay on a high note.

Eureka, CA

San Francisco

ghost gurlz

Had to. Tourista.

Painted Gentlemen. And Marlena.

Alamo Square Park

Buena Vista Park

Madness. Last night in SF.

18th and Rhode Island. Passing out.

This very morning.

And to end, I swear this is the very first video I have ever posted on any social media outlet of myself singing. SORRY BOUT IT. It's what I do. Fairly long, fairly boring, but I wanted to snag a little "18 minutes or so in the life of..." me, Haight Street, San Francisco, doing what I love with some of the people that I love. Some fun little things happen throughout. Also, there's a bit of illuminating dialogue between Derek and I that can sort of attest to how our relationship rolls. Ha.
As I type this, Derek and I are sitting in SFO, about half an hour from boarding our flight to Vancouver.
The whole time we were in San Francisco nothing really felt real. Everything felt familiar, but far away, reality just hadn't sunk in yet. On the last night we spent there, I wanted to roam the city and sleep outside and have my "organic" sort of goodbye experience with the city. It wasn't until then that everything sort of hit home and I really felt that this was, in fact, a dream. I am, in fact, living it. True words. And now, sitting here waiting to board, I am pretty calm. We will get on the plane, we will land, in two more days we will do it again. Ah crazy madness!

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